That Greedy Time of Year When We Shop Till We Drop

Photo Credit: Castles, Capes & Clones / Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Hydee Ho, Ho and away we go!!! Yes, it’s me, Ollie, James’s Old English Sheepdog. It’s the season to be out and about shopping and spending and making sure your loved ones are well taken care of. (I don’t really know what all that means, but it was something James said while we were out walking, so I’m playing along.)

James was also singing something about making a list and checking it twice to see who was naughty and who was nice (my head was spinning). I had found some freaking good odors and was trying to track them down when he called me back. (Just once I’d like to be able to run free – I’m free, free falling – okay, so that was a song I heard on the radio, but James wasn’t singing it – just my luck.) Anyway, we kept on trekking when James asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Well, not remembering ever having been asked before, I started to make a list. Like James had been singing, I listed some things that were naughty and some that were nice. When I handed it to James, he wadded it up and put it in his pocket. (Okay, full disclosure, I can’t write, so if you’ll play along with us we’d appreciate it – and, drum roll please, James typed that as I was thinking it – he is such a good dude.)

When we got back home from our jaunt (I like that word – I’m so glad James used it.), I ran around trying to figure out how I was supposed to know it was the holiday time of year. There weren’t any decorations or anything being displayed, unlike for Thanksgiving when there were gourds and squash on the table or Halloween when there were pumpkins and the like. So I asked James, in our special communication method, what he was going to do about enlivening the place. Well, James raised his eyebrows and said he wasn’t going to be doing any decorating this year. He told me he was relating to the Grinch who stole Christmas. (Okay, what’s with this Grinch guy in the picture above looking like a green dog? I mean, give me a break, okay?) Besides, he said, he has too much writing to do. Well, I tried to think of what writing I could convince him to postpone, but the only one that came to mind was my blog, what you’re reading, so I didn’t take that topic any further.

And then out of nowhere I said, “Bah! Humbug!” (Of course, it sounded more like, “Wah! Wuhwuh!”) And James laughed. I hope I gave him the idea that at least a little something might be nice. I mean, we need a little Christmas around here. I did begin to remember that last year we had a tree with lights and colored balls and all sorts of things hanging on it, with which things I was not allowed to play. (As a word of warning, if you’re going to hang trinkets on a tree inside your house, then you should know they’re fair game like anything left on the floor – just sayin’.) When I mentioned this to James he said that he had spent all that time last year decorating the tree and the fireplace and the rest of the house for his two nieces and their families who came for Christmas. But no one was expected for the holidays this year. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get him to do a little something – for me at least.

Well, my naughty and nice gift list and wanting some decorations put around the house got James and I thinking about how commercial the holiday season has become. And this put us in mind of one of James’ poems that he wrote a few years back, which he read to me. I started wiggling up a storm (LMAO), so James and I decided we’d share it with you. Here it is for the first time in print for your reading pleasure.

Photo Credit: Kaioshin / Visualhunt / CC BY-NC (Headline removed)
                                                         SHOP TILL YOU DROP

                                                    T’was the day before yesterday
                                                and all through the land
                                           all the people were shopping
                                        not giving a damn

                                The merchandise was categorized
                            especially by price
                        knowing they’d never be given
                    although that would be nice

             The hustle and bustle
         had taken ahold
    who cared what the reason
or even the season

It was one for oneself
    and to hell with the rest
        “what do you think is on sale?”
             “I must have the best!”

                   When some honking was heard
                       up in the sky overhead
                            there were eight tiny geese
                                leaving behind their

                                                          On greed, on avarice, on
                                                               gluttony they did go
                                                                   not giving a care much
                                                                        like all the people below.

We hope you liked the poem. It made me laugh so much, especially when I could see their … falling from…. (What? I can’t say that word in my very own blog? How about BM, or bowel movement, or …. Not that one either? But you can use “t-u-r-d-s” and it’s okay? —- We took a little quiet time and I’m better now – but I can’t believe James is leaving this in MY blog. At least he’s let my feelings be known.)

It’d be super if you could leave a comment telling James what he should do about decorating this holiday season (and that it’s MY blog and I should be able to use the words I want to use). I know I’d like it if you would make a suggestion, and if James will listen to them. If nothing else, I’d sure like to hear from you.

Until next week,
Short Stories - Author Webpage Help Needed
Sir Oliver of Skygate Farm (you can call me Ollie)

Paw Prints courtesy of
“Shop Till You Drop” poem © 2015 James Stack


3 thoughts on “That Greedy Time of Year When We Shop Till We Drop

  1. LMAO! Ollie, you are a pistol. I think you should have a little tree, and a stocking, and maybe some Christmas lights. Once James sees them up he will get into the spirit. 🙂

    This poem reflects how I feel about Christmas. It’s the people I spend the holiday with who matter more, not the presents. I love the format…like a gaggle. Nicely done, thank James for sharing it with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lol Ollie, what a great post and poem! James is right that Christmas can be a very greedy season, it all depends on the heart you bring to it. I agree with Kim, James should get a little tree for you with some nice colorful baubles, but don’t touch the baubles or you might get a mouthful of glass and that would be horrible!

    My little boy, who just turned two yesterday, loves the baubles on our tree and thinks they’re like his rubbers balls he plays with, so he grabs them and runs away as fast he can, then throws them, he’s smashed four already 😦 but he loves the tree and thinks it very pretty, when he’s not smashing it, so he is keeping us very busy this year!

    Liked by 2 people

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