Halloween – Colonoscopy (Never a Treat/Always a Trick)

Full Moon Rising

Hi. It’s so nice to see you again. It’s me, Ollie, James’ Old English Sheepdog. And today is Halloween.

I couldn’t make up my mind how I wanted to go Trick or Treating. My first thought was to go as a Dalmatian after Trek, my first friend, but none of the costumes fit, as they were too small. I then thought an Irish Wolfhound would be cool after seeing pictures James showed me, but all the costumes were too big. So I decided to go as James (even though his shirt was a tad on the large size).

Ollie as James

I’m so looking forward to the tons of treats I’m going to receive.

Speaking of treats, James had a colonoscopy this past week. How, might you ask, is that a treat? Well, James informed me that before his first colonoscopy, while the nurse was attempting to get an IV in a vein, he fainted. I about bust a gut suppressing my laughter. He went on to tell me that he woke up on his back; splayed across the hospital’s cold, tile floor; with the hospital gown wrapped around his lacerated, bruised neck; butt naked for the whole world to see. Now I’ve seen him naked, so this was when my gut really started hurting from my crushing, silent laughter. He said when he came to the doctor and two nurses were at the door staring down at him, debating whether to go through with the procedure. That’s when James said, “We’re doing this, cause I’m not going through this again.” James is so funny – I love him (he said he loves me too).

On a more somber note – after all it is Halloween – James believes that he had a near death experience that day. He wrote this poem based on that occurrence:

Near Death Experience Tunnel

I Died That Day

whether the black hands were reaching out for me
or they were trying to push me back
today it's unclear
but in the moment
I could have sworn they were warning me away
          it's not your time
there was the sense of movement
towards a radiance
          was it up or down
in the distance
beyond the murky forms and their hands
while the hands attached to the shadowy forms
were all motioning me to remain
          don't come any closer

was the glow coming closer to me
or was it I
who was floating

I seemed to have had no feelings
simply an awareness of peace
shredded stress

so I went back
          or did I stay in place
I awoke
my heart having started
having stopped

I believe I died that day
on the floor of the clinic
as I lay on the cold tiles
except for the hospital gown
twisted around my neck

We hope you like the poem. Oh, and be sure and let me know in the comment section what your favorite Halloween costume is, what you wore this year, and what you think I should go as next year. Or if you have any questions for me (or for James).

Until next week – Trick or Treat,
Sir Oliver of Skygate Farm (you can call me Ollie)

Paw Prints courtesy of www.pawsitivelyloved.com
Photos “Full Moon Rising” & “Ollie as James,” and poem “I Died That Day,” © 2015 James Stack
“Near Death Experience Tunnel” source unknown other than Google Images

One thought on “Halloween – Colonoscopy (Never a Treat/Always a Trick)

  1. Ollie is quite humorous. He does resemble you except for hair color. And so happy you came back from the dead! Your poem is beautiful and so are you!


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