Welcome to my blog. I’m an Old English Sheepdog, aged 16 months on 26-Sept – yeah, I was born on 26-May 2014 in Youngstown, Ohio. But this blog isn’t about me. It’s about James Stack, the man who I live with and love dearly. So, let me begin by telling you a little something about James.

James is a writer, and spends a great deal of time in his study at his laptop. I spend a great deal of time under his desk resting my chin on his feet. But again, this isn’t about me, but about James. So, back to James. He used to work for a bank, and before that on Madison Avenue in advertising, and before that on Park Avenue in a law firm, and before that he was in Boston and before that in Spartanburg, South Carolina (he told me to put in the state as most people know where Boston is but don’t know where Spartanburg is), and was born in the mid-west.

He wants me to let you know that he has self-published two books: World’s Fair, a memoir, and Pleasures & Seasons of Vermont, a collection of poems (the poetry book makes a fantastic gift). They are both available on I read them and loved both of them. World’s Fair was reviewed by US Books & Review and can be found at (you’ll have to copy and paste the web address).

James takes me out to play after he feeds me my breakfast, and again after he’s eaten his lunch, and then after I’ve eaten my supper. I like to go outside and run. Oh, yeah, this is not about me, but about James, so here we go again. What was that? Oh, he wants me to tell you that he has guests visiting (I love it when people come over. These people are Baron and Sue from North Carolina, which James tells me is next to South Carolina. They are so nice, and Sue gave me a strawberry today – I’d never had a strawberry – it was delicious!) so he needs to go back to visiting with them.

Okay, he’s gone now so I can tell you how much I love James. He’s so good to me. Oh, he’s coming back. How do I erase this? Oh, no, I’m caught. But he says I’m not in trouble because he loves me too. We both have to go now. Look for our next post real soon. Ciao!!!

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Thank you. Check back each Saturday as that is when Ollie is (I'm) planning on blogging each week – at least that is his (my) plan, and we know about the best laid plans.


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